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Twisted Fantasys

Wistone 3 in 1 sucking licking dildo

Wistone 3 in 1 sucking licking dildo

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Product description

Wistone self-developed double ended sucking and licking vibrator, for nipple sucking and clitoral sucking. Vibrating silicone handle offers powerful G spot stimulation.

Stimulate the female sensitive parts in different ways through the touch of a button. It is a must-have for singles or couples to tease each other and spice up your sex life. 

7 Tongue motion Patterns & 10 Vibration Patterns.

Product parameters:

  • Material: ABS, Silicone, TPE
  • Size: 254mm* 60mm
  • Weight: NW: 250g


Specifications: 1 pack, storage bag, charging cable, manual

 Key Description

Sucking mode: 

Press and hold this* button to enter the sucking mode, release the button and stop immediately. If you press and hold again, enter the sucking mode again, double click this button to enter automatic sucking mode (release 1 second then suck 3 seconds). Press this button twice to turn off the mode.


Dig vibration mode:

Short press this button to enter the vibration in the transparent cover and trigger the synchronous mode 7 frequency, the first three gears are slow, medium and fast.

Deflation mode:

Short press this button to enter the deflation mode for 1 second; long press and hold this button to finish.

Strong Vibrating mode:

Press this button to enter the strong 10 Vibrating mode, Automatically heating 6 minutes at the same time, then it will turn off. If you want to open the heating function, long press two seconds to turn off the motor, restart Vibrating mode again.


Please read instruction manual for Charging, Cleaning and other Care instructions. 

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